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Adding Pages to Menus

Your website's main navigation allows users to access the most important information on your site. Adding a new page to your site's main navigation is simple. Follow the instructions below to learn how to add a page to the main navigation.

The same steps can be followed to add a page to any side reference menu as well.

Step 1: Enable the Menu Link in Menu Settings

In the edit view of a page, click Menu Settings. Then, check the Provide a menu link checkbox.

Menu Settings Checkbox in editing view



Step 2: (Optional) Customize the Menu Link

Additional menu options should appear once the Provide a menu link box is checked. These are optional unless you are trying to add the link to another menu besides the main navigation, or if you want to further customize the way the menu link displays.

Menu Settings window

Each field can modify the following for the menu link:

  • Menu Link Title: Change the title of the link as it appears in the menu. This does not change the title of the page. By default, the menu link title will be identical to the page.
  • Description: This add a small description box that appears when a user hovers their cursor over the menu link.
  • Parent Item: This is used for positioning the menu link. Anything listed in tags (e.g., <Main Navigation> designates a menu. Anything listed with a number of dashes (e.g., -Mount Evans) designates a child page. The number of dashes indicates how many levels down the child page is in the menu.
  • Weight: This is also used for positioning. Every menu link is given a weight, which positions the link within the menu. Menu links with lower weights are displayed before menu links with higher weights.
    Arrows demonstrating menu linking weighting

Note: Users with Structure Admin privileges have an easier way of sorting menu links. Please refer to the Organizing Menu Links instructional video for more information

Menu Settings Fields

Step 3: Save and Publish the Page

Once you are finished, make sure to publish the page when you save. Otherwise, the menu link will not appear to unauthenticated users.

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