Logging In

To log into the site, a user must have verified their email address via the SSO portal. A non-state affiliated anonymous user who wants to become an authenticated user can start by appending their site URL with /user/login and then sign up for SSO by clicking the Sign-Up tab on the login page. Alternatively, all users with an authorized state Google account are automatically signed up via SSO and simply click Log In with Google.

Logging in for the first time

Next, the user must contact a User Admin, or the EPM to enable the user and assign corresponding roles for the site via the CMS. Users’ SSO email and CMS email must be the same. For new users, please make sure to have the EPM fill out and send a Security Agreement to CI’s Service Desk prior to provisioning a new user. Once a user is authenticated, they can log in using the following steps:

  1. Navigate to your site in any browser and add the following to the URL path: /user/login.
  2. Enter your credentials and click Log in.
Screenshot showing the SSO login page