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New to the CMS platform? This video is just for you! Get an initial tutorial on how to use all the basic features and functionality needed to start building your new website. Feel free to watch the video all at once, or break up your learning sessions.

Time stamps are provided below, so you can skip ahead to different topics in the video.

Video Topics

00:00 Intro
00:26 Logging In & Signing Up
03:32 Overview of
07:10 Navigating the Drupal CMS
12:24 Basic Pages
16:28 Editing Pages
16:55 Creating Links
23:16 Accordions
25:04 Button Links
28:20 Publishing & Reviewing Revisions
30:20 Saving Drafts
31:53 Archived Pages
32:54 Page Settings
33:18 Reference Menus Settings
34:01 Hide the Main Navigation & Breadcrumbs Settings
34:17 Faceted Search Settings
34:45 Display Webform Settings
35:01 Custom Page URLs
35:58 Private Page Settings
36:35 Uploading Documents
39:04 Related Tags for Media
40:49 Linking to Documents in the Media Library
42:33 The Homepage & Landing Pages
43:44 Rows & Cards
54:58 Uploading & Displaying Images
57:26 Media Cards
59:43 Jumbotron
01:00:53 Jumbo Slides
01:07:20 Site Footer & Custom Blocks
01:09:33 Custom Block Library
01:11:47 Main Navigation Menu
01:15:33 Deleting & Disabling Menu Links
01:17:43 Custom Menu Links
01:18:50 Non-Linking Menu Links
01:20:40 Creating Reference Menus
01:23:22 Conclusion

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