How Do I Complete the Website User Security Agreement?

So, you downloaded your user security agreement, but you're not sure how to fill it out? Before starting, make sure to read through the terms carefully. There are important conditions that come along with having a website user account.

Ready to complete the form? Read through our walk-through below.

Step 1: Fill in the New User's Personal Information

The new user's information should go in the fields at the top of the page. These include:

  • Organization Name: The Entity that represents the new user
  • Full Name: New user's first and last name
  • Title: New user's work title
  • Work Mailing Address: The physical work mailing address for the new user
  • Work Telephone: The contact work phone number for the new user
  • Work Email: The email account associated with the new user's account (it is very important this matches with their account)
Security Agreement Personal Info v2

Step 2: Fill in the Entity Project Manager's Full Name

The Entity Project Manager (or EPM) is the Entity's established main point of contact for NIC Colorado. This is usually the Entity's website admin or other authoritative person that is concerned with running their website.

Please check with your organization to see who this is. If you are still unsure, reach out to our support desk, and we can tell you who we have on file.

security agremeent epm field screenshot

Step 3: Request Access to a Specific Site

Make sure to specify which site(s) the new user needs access to in the large box. There is a designated space for one website URL, but if the new user needs access to multiple sites, you may list them there as well.

All of our sites are on the domain, so you only need to write in the subdomain for the site (e.g., for, simply write in "demo" in the provided line).

security agreement URL field screenshot

Step 4: Collect All Signatures

Finally, make sure all parties sign the agreement. There are two required signatures:

  • Signature (first line): This is the new user's signature.
  • Authorization Signature (second line): This is the Entity Project Manager (or other authorizing agent for the Entity). We do not accept signatures from representatives of a third party. Only authorizing authorities from the government entity is accepted.
Security Agreement Signatures field screenshot

Some Important Facts to Keep in Mind

 No signed user agreement? Your account can be blocked or removed.

 Only one user per account. Shared accounts may also have their permissions revoked.

 One agreement for one user. Every user account on the CMS platform must have their own authorized user account.

Please submit your signed agreement as a PDF (Word documents are not accepted).

Done Filling Out Your Agreement?

Completed agreements can be submitted to the CI Project Manager you are working with (only for active projects), to our Service Desk, or through our online form here.

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