Creating New Users

Screenshot showing the people view

User Admins can provision new Users for their site(s). The EPM must email a completed Security Agreement to for each new User created. Before a User Admin can provision a user, that User must sign up for Single Sign On (SSO) using Auth-0 as described in section 3.1 of this user guide.

Once a new User has signed up via SSO, the User Admin can navigate to that User under the People tab and edit the User to add the necessary roles.

  1. Go to People.

  2. Click Edit in the operations column.
  3. Add roles to the User by checking the check boxes.
  4. Do not update the User’s password or other profile info.
  5. Click Save at the bottom of the page.
Screenshot showing the checkboxes next to potential user roles

Full steps for creating users

  1. Person being added: Sign up for an account with Auth-0:
  2. Person being added: Verify your email address via the email that was just sent to you
  3. EPM with User Admin Access: select the roles you want to give your new user:
  4. EPM with User Admin Access: provision the new user account with roles - should appear at the very top of the people list in the people tab: (Note that if your user signed up with Auth-0 correctly, their account should show that they logged into the site at some time other than "never"
  5. Person being added:  Log in again: