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Creating Links to Outside Pages

Links (or hyperlinks) are an important part of your website that help direct users to the information they need. When creating a link on your website, you should first determine if the link is pointing to a page within your website (i.e., on colorado.gov) or outside of your website. For linking to pages within your website, follow our tutorial on using Linkit. For creating links that point to external pages, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Add the Anchor Text

The anchor text is the visible words of a link that users click on. The anchor text needs to be descriptive of where users will be taken next. Avoid vague phrases like "click here".

Links Anchor Text

Step 2: Highlight the Anchor Text

Use your cursor to highlight the part of the text that you want to make the link.

Highlight Anchor Text

Step 3: Click the Link Button in the WYSIWYG

Click the standard link button in the WYSIWYG toolbar (NOT the link button with the '+' symbol).

WYSIWYG Link Button Screenshot

Step 4: Add the URL for the Link

Copy the full URL for the page you want to point to. Paste that URL in the URL field in the Link settings window.

URL field for Links screenshot

Need to have the link open in a new window? Check out our tutorial on setting new targets for links.

Step 5: Click OK

Click the OK button to complete making the link.

Link Settings OK Button

 Step 6: Save Your Changes

When finished making your edits, Save your changes.


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