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Setting Link Targets

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By default, all links will open in the same window on your website. This optimizes the user experience and ensures the accessibility compliance for your website. In many cases, opening links in new windows works against website accessibility (this WebAIM article describes the difficulties older screen readers have with links opening in new windows).

That said, there may be instances where it makes more sense to have a link open in a new window. Follow the instructions below to set a new target for your webpage links.

Step 1: Create the Link & Add A Note About the Link Target

Best practice is to add a note in the link stating that the link will open in a new window or tab. We recommend you include this in your links that open in a new window.

Instructions for linking to pages are different depending on whether you are linking to an outside webpage or an internal webpage.

Link Opens in New Tab screenshot

Step 2: Highlight the Link

Use your cursor to highlight the link you created.

Highlight link screenshot

Step 3: Click the Link Button in the WYSIWYG

Click the standard Link button in the WYSIWYG toolbar (this is the link button WITHOUT the '+' symbol).

Click Link Button for Link Targets screenshot

Step 4: Click the Target Tab

Click the Target tab.

Link Target Tab

Step 5: Select the Link Target

Choose an option from the Target drop-down. New Window (_Blank) will open the link in a new tab in the browser.

Choose Link Target

 Step 6: Click OK Button

Save your changes to the link by clicking OK.

Click OK for Link Target

Step 7: Save your Changes

When finished with your edits, save your changes.


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