Media vs. File Document Links

When Linking to a document, you have the choice of linking to the media item or the file. Linking to the media item means you are linking to a separate page that holds the document. Linking to the file means you are linking directly to the document, circumventing a separate page altogether.

For user experience, we recommend linking directly to the file in most cases.

Compare Linking to Media vs. File

Here's a simple break down to highlight the differences between linking to the media item versus linking to the file:

Linking to Media Linking to File
Number of clicks to document: 2 Number of clicks to document: 1
Document is replaceable?: Yes Document is replaceable: No
Link to Document Using Linkit?: Yes Link to Document Using Linkit?: Yes

Should I Link to the Media or File?

Link to the FILE if...

You want the document to open up right away.

The document does not need to be updated later.

Link to the MEDIA if...

You need to update the document with new versions in the future.

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